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E-Learning Solutions
Solutions for training, motivating and retaining employees

Create well-trained and highly efficient employees

Employees cannot perform at their peak efficiency nor represent your company unless they are properly trained. Fast-growing companies realize that a key to sustaining growth, improving customer satisfaction and retaining employees is to create a well-trained and highly efficient workforce that stays abreast of changes in the marketplace.

Create A Virtural Classroom

Our Interactive Training Solutions create a virtual classroom that allows employees to train, study and develop skills at any location and at any time.

Coursework can be fully customized to your needs and is flexible yet measured in that it track employee progress and tests the employee at each step.

All tailored to your company's specific needs and more
Our system offers written training, audio and video presentation, testing and management review and monitoring of employee progress and comprehension that is tailored to your company's specific needs.

Features Include:

  • Customized, self-paced training for personnel in various locations or departments
  • Development of common leadership skills and activities
  • Management/supervisory training
  • Continuing education and certification
  • Customer interaction skills
  • Industry-specific skills and knowledge
  • Employee development programs
  • Employee benefits and HR activities
  • Quality training
  • Safety and hazardous materials training
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Portal Development
"Alpha Internet defines a portal as a Web application that uses common framework-based interfaces and technologies as a way for enterprises to provide a consistent look and feel with access control and procedures for multiple applications."
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