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Portal Development
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Our custom-developed portals are designed to give your customers, suppliers or employees quick access to information and products. We work closely with your team to develop an interface that is intuitive, fast and that integrates tightly with other business and accounting software.

Customer Portals

Even successful companies can have their share of awkward business processes. Whether they are the result of mergers and acquisitions, the persistence of legacy products or the support for competing product lines, your organization's procedures may leave your customers scratching their heads. They may not, for instance, understand why they must place an order with their sales representative for some items but contact a call center for others.

Portal DevelopmentYour company's internal business processes should be transparent to your customers. Customer Portals can make it easier for your customers to do business with you without having to drastically change the way you do business. Portals have the ability to hide your internal processes by creating a single point of entry and a consistent user interface for your customers.

Alpha Internet can help you architect, design and build your portal in a way that will make it easy for your customers to do business with you.

Enterprise Portals

Many suppliers and employees find it difficult to wade through all the information you make available to them. An enterprise application portal can play a central role in helping employees, suppliers and partners access a wide range of applications.

Enterprise Portals can dramatically improve the usability and user experience of your enterprise applications. A common, familiar user interface can be developed at the portal level and applied across your enterprise applications. User roles can be identified and addressed to personalize access to information across many applications. By streamlining your users access to information from enterprise applications, groupware applications, and Internet applications, you can propel your employees, suppliers, and partners to a whole new level of collaboration.

Designing and architecting enterprise portals cannot be taken lightly. The technical architecture must be developed to leverage the latest portal packages, open standards, and Web services, and must integrate with a wide range of enterprise applications. Enterprise portals provide the opportunity to positively impact a large number of your information system users. By creating the right foundation, you can ensure your company will achieve the benefits of improved usability, collaboration, and productivity.

Alpha Internet can design and architect the best foundation, follow through on the development and implementation, and set the standards you need to guide future portal and portlet development.

Business-to-Business Portals

If you conduct business with other companies with complicated relationships with each other, it is necessary to offer them richer functionality than is typically provided in a B2B portal (e.g., client portal, partner portal, supplier portal).

Business-to-business portals can include functionalities such as transaction information, account history, inventory information, maintenance information, scheduling, etc. However, these more complex customers need to see this information in their own companies' terms, using their unique accounting codes, billing information, routing information and corporate jargon. A portal addressing these needs, rather than forcing your customers and partners to translate or interpret data, is of great benefit to them and a competitive advantage for you.

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Portal Development
"Alpha Internet defines a portal as a Web application that uses common framework-based interfaces and technologies as a way for enterprises to provide a consistent look and feel with access control and procedures for multiple applications."
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